Tube Bits For 10/02/07

  • Animation Insider has a short article about Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jensen animated series. Apparently the adventures of Tek Jensen appear on Colbert’s TV show. It sounds like a hoot. Has anyone seen these?
  • AdWeek has a very interesting article detailing the ad rates for various prime time shows. American Idol is far and away the most expensive show to advertise on, going for $700k per 30 second ad. Heroes clocks in at $330k and Bionic Woman goes for $185k. I’m in the wrong business.
  • Dr. John Lynn has several articles online covering science fiction TV. He has essays on Kolchak and The X-Files, among others.
  • Good news for fans of Eureka. Sci Fi has picked it up for 13 more episodes starting sometime next year. I’ve really liked this season and i’ll definitely be watching next season.

3 thoughts on “Tube Bits For 10/02/07”

  1. Tek Jansen is hilarious, especially the way it makes fun of comic staples. I feel that somebody who read too many bad sci-fi comics or watched too many cartoons as a kid is taking their revenge.

    What I didn’t know until just now was that Steven Colbert was involved in The Abiguously Gay Duo (he is the voice of Ace). It explains why they look similar.

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