• Things aren’t looking good for NBC’s Monday night lineup. Chuck, Heroes and Journeymen all continue their downward rating trend, with Heroes pulling in a series low 4.9. Ouch. I know Heroes is no longer on my ‘watch when it airs (or after the kids are in bed)’ list.
  • Could the looming writers strike bring Galactica to network TV? It can’t do much worse than some of NBC’s shows on Mondays….
  • If you watch Discovery, you’ve no doubt seen Man vs. Wild and you’ve seen how Discovery runs their YouSpoof Discovery campaign. Well, Tee Morris takes the challenge and gives us: Man Vs. Child. Heh heh. Good job.
  • Jonathan Frakes harshes a bit on the Enterprise series finale, calling it “ill fated”. Most of the rest of us called it ‘stupid’. But I think he understates things when he calls Insurrection uneven. I think it rivals Star Trek V in ‘unevenness’.

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