Wednesday YouTube: Shatner Sings “Common People”

I can’t believe William Shatner “sings” a song and I actually like it. Joe Jackson helps. I think I need help.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday YouTube: Shatner Sings “Common People””

  1. Oh wow.

    I was horrified, and yet strangely hypnotized by Shatner’s little jello jiggler dance while Jackson was singing.

    But, in a sick kinda way, I can see this bit working – as the voice-over and background music for a car commercial – like the extended-length commercials run in movie theatres where they’re trying to market cheap little fuel-efficient cars to 20/30-something singles.

    At the very least, you’ve gotta admit, Shatner continues to bodly go forward… we’re pretty sure he shouldn’t be, and we know that we don’t want to follow, but on he goes…

  2. Oh come on guys, this piece absolutely rocks! It’s one of my favourite songs and Shatner didn’t disgrace it at all. It works and I like it :)

  3. Yeah, I have the album Has Been and it’s one of my favorites in my collection. It’s a partnership between Shatner and Ben Folds, and it’s astoundingly good. I highly recommend it.

  4. This song is on my iPod and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

    I first heard of this album a while ago on Opie & Anthony show…they had Shatner on and were talking up the album, and you just knew they were going to play tracks and rip him a new one.

    It was strange to listen to them try and make jokes about it that fell flat because the album was actually good. They finally admitted even after Shatner had gone that they liked it.

    The album “Has Been” is actually pretty decent.

  5. I feel I have to chip in in support of the Shatner here as well – Has Been is bizarrely fantastic, original and well produced. Shatner knows his strengths and limits and works to them. You’ll Have Time is hilarious and quintessential Shatner for me.

  6. I had never seen that clip. I like Has Been, but that song just doesn’t translate well live. The studio version is better. Also, there’s an old Gallagher joke that goes “does Joe Jackson have to appear in ALL of his videos?”

    In 2007 this is still true.

  7. It was very well done and I continue to be impressed by Mr. Shatner’s realization that part of what he does is cheesy or a little campy. By embracing this fact, I believe he is far more likable and popular now than he has ever been. This song is so well done and now I am actually thinking about buying the music. Darn you John – darn you!!!

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