A Bevy of Blue (and Green) Babes

I usually shy away from rumors these days, but this recent rendition of a blue alien reportedly from James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar is timely.

To honor our resident supermodel expert Peter Y. (if for no other reason than keeping Maxim in business), I submit a bevy of blue & green scifi babes.

On the blue team, we have Zhaan from Farscape, Plavalaguna the Diva from The Fifth Element, X-Men‘s Mystique, and the new Avatar alien.


Perhaps you like to go green? May I interest you in a She-Hulk or that green alien chick from Star Trek?


Who’s your favorite? There may be a poll on this, if you know what I mean.

14 thoughts on “A Bevy of Blue (and Green) Babes”

  1. Speaking of which, as I’m cleaning out my house to sell it, sadly, I have to throw away all my Maxims…

    On a different note, what’s better than blue babe with scaly skin? Blue babe with a tail!

  2. You should see if you can get some screenshots from Beowulf. And what about the alien chick from Jabba’s palace in “Return of the Jedi”?

    Didn’t “Enterprise” bring the Orion slave women in at one point?

  3. Fred said: Didn’t “Enterprise” bring the Orion slave women in at one point?

    Why yes, yes they did. In fact two episodes had them, “Borderland” with Bobbie Sue Luther as the slave girl

    and “Bound”, where three slave girls manage to commandeer the Enterprise.

    I hope this helps you Fred….

  4. I want to vote blue, but the Orion women are irresistible! One also popped up briefly in the second mirror-mirror episode of Enterprise. The best part of those episodes, however, was the absence of that horrid opening theme.

  5. Green space-babes? You failed to mention everyone’s favorite green-skinned Orion slavegirl, Barbara Gordon!


    What? Wait a minute. Wrong picture.


    Oops. That one is really wrong.


    There she is. Marta from the episode “Whom the Gods Destroy.”


    Do you think I go around collecting pictures of Yvonne Craig in green body paint? Ridiculous! Only science fiction people do things like that.


  6. Does anyone have any idea, & or inside information, as to whom this babe [actress] was, that played as the orion green service office, from the enterprise episode, “in a mirror darkly”?… There is no reference about her, whatsoever… Let me know, if you know….

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