After whining about how much Heroes season 2 sucks, I think it’s only fair that I give credit where credit is due. This week’s episode, “Four Months Ago,” saw Heroes in (mostly) fine form; a rarity this season. Maybe the show is primed for a comeback after all.

Or maybe not. It’s not all good news. Here are some quick thoughts on the episode and season:

*** Thar be spoilers ahead ***

  • We finally got to see what the heck happened between Season 1 and Season 2. It’s about freakin’ time. Why this was not shown in the very first episode this season is beyond any logical reasoning I could come up with. One might argue that it allowed the reveal of Adam’s identity. I say it’s an attempt to make up for bad storytelling. (The identity of Kensei could easily have been the surprise had this episode aired first.)
  • The Peter/Adam story line looks somewhat intriguing all of a sudden – most likely related to the fact that Peter finally recovered his memories.
  • Regarding Belle, played by Kristin Bell (who must have some sort of Tony Danza clause in her contract that allows her to play characters with her real name): Is it me, or is Belle suddenly more annoying than Nikki? That’s quite a feat. Kudos to the writers for making Nikki look sympathetic.
  • And Kudos removed for Nikki’s weepy family scenes before the saw-it-a-mile-away demise of DL. And yet another personality? Please.
  • The Maya and Alejandro storyline is still sorta lame. Sylar as tag-along only draws attention to the fact that the sum of three zeros is still zero.
  • Tim Kring, who was brave enough to apologize for fans for some missteps this season, should also spend more time listening to his characters. Micah called it when he said that his family should assume the roles of superheroes. I’ve been saying this all along. We need more superhero-like moments and less drawn-out, soap-opera nonsense.

Overall, the show was good, but it still has a long way to go to make up for all the suckage they threw at us thus far. I’m giving this show more leniency than I would others. (Ah-Aaaaah!) I swear, I feel like some needy teenager looking for validation from the girl that keeps using him and throwing him away…

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