I have not hidden that fact that I have a love/hate relationship with Heroes. I warmed up to the show in Season 1 despite my early annoyance and later misgivings. But in season 2, all my fears are becoming realized. The show is officially lame.


Jeez…where do I start?

The plot is going nowhere

Events that should take one or two episodes to occur are dragging on an on without any foreseeable end. Hiro is still stuck in feudal Japan; Peter still has amnesia (despite finally learning his true identity); Claire is still playing cheerleader; the south-of-the-border Wonder Twins are still short of arriving in America; Sylar is still a neutered threat; Suresh and Parkman are still playing “My Two Dads” with the last-minute child-hero from last season; Suresh is still doing nothing to take down The Company; Nikki is still…well…Nikki. Every show seems like a reworded repeat of the week before. This is not television, this is a broken record.

Characters say and do stupid things

Did anyone balk at the time amnesiac Peter was presented with his “identity box”? For the life of me, I could not buy into the girl talking him out of it. It made absolutely no sense. To add insult to injury, the very next episode started with the girl asking why Peter did not open the box. WTF? The writers thought they could brush it off with some “I did it so you would kiss me” nonsense. I’m not buying it. More likely, the writers wrote in some artificial drama to end one episode, but needed it to happen anyway to suit some other plot direction they wanted. Do us a favor, guys, and stay consistent. Artificial drama is not dramatic – it’s a cheat.

Promises not kept

Where is the new batch of heroes we were supposed to see? OK, so we have the Wonder Twins, Kristin Bell, Midas Touch Bob, Parkan’s Dad and Memory Girl. All used to no good effect. (Repeat powers? Show some imagination!) What’s the point of having them at all besides diluting all the other stories you’re trying to (unsuccessfully) juggle? At least Claire’s creepy stalker boyfriend (with his sad, duplicate power) has some possibilities. The writers need to give this show a super-enema and they need to do it quickly.

Poor planning/writing

I attribute all of this to poor planning and poor writing. It seems like they have no idea the direction they want the show to take. At least with this week’s episode they seem to foreshadow this season’s threat. And – lo and behold – it’s Season 1’s threat all over again! Lame. I liked it better last season when they had the “save the Cheerleader” mini-arcs. The proposed threat of season 2 takes place in June of 2008, which conveniently coincides with the end of the TV season. So, they are going to drag this out for another 8 months. Spare me.

For the life of me, I cannot explain why I just don’t tune out. The best I can come up with is that (1) I hang on for the slim hope it will get better, and/or (2) the fear that it will get better once I stop tuning in. The truth is that, in season 2, I get less entertainment from the show itself and more fun out of figuring out why it’s gotten so bad.

I really, really want to like this show but the writers are making it too damn hard. I see that others (like Jayme Lynn Blaschke) have voiced similar complaints. And now comes the news that spinoff Heroes: Origins has been shelved. Hmmm…is that because of the writers’ strike or because season 2 is “teh suck” and ratings are in the crapper? I know my answer!

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