In a recent Entertainment Weekly article, Heroes creator Tim Kring admitted the show is broken. He critiques the show and cites many of the same problems fans did, including: the slow pace, lack of drama, rookie handling, Hiro’s too-long sidetrack and Claire’s stilted romance story line. (See my gripes.)

After openly saying the show sucks, I have to give credit to the November 5th episode. While not perfect (I still think the writers make plot choices solely the purpose of drama with no regard to believability and consistency) it did show some of the magic that kept me watching in season 1.

Could this be the turnaround for the show? Is Heroes back on track?

EW says the next two episodes maintain that same quality. That’s a good sign. There is also, of course, the writers’ strike to consider, but I’m hopeful that the show will someday reclaim its former status (overrated as it was). My fingers remain crossed…this show has so much potential…

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