Kristin over at E! Online recaps Monday’s Heroes episode in
Micah, Nikki and Copy Girl just isn’t that interesting and really has nothing to do with the whole ‘save the world thing’. Can it be that Nikki will get waxed while rescuing Copy Girl or will the virus get her? And just how stupid was Copy Girl to hide above the stairs in the house when there was an open window she could have gone out of? Maybe she needs to get a video tape on how not to be stupid.

Suresh, Molly, Mohinder, Parkman and Maya seem to be headed for a confrontation of some sort, and, again, not germane to the ‘save the world’ plot. And just where is Parkman? I’m guessing Mohinder will use the magic blood he has to cure Sylar of his disease (I’m assuming Sylar is infected, thus the loss of his powers) causing Sylar to regain his powers. Of course, it would be cool if Parkman used his mind powers to lock Sylar up in his own brain where he thinks he has powers again.

Hiro, Adam and Peter seem to be headed for a full on showdown. Hiro appears to not want to persuade Peter that Adam is going to release the Shanti virus and wipe out humanity. I guess, finally, he’s decided to take action first and darn the consequences. Because Adam can regenerate, I’m assuming his death my occur in a way that may, or may not, be final. We’ll see. And this is the most interesting story line to me.

Claire and HRG will be re-united. Yay. And Claire will reveal to the world the her existence. I’m guessing this announcement will be the cliffhanger ending that would have launched into the second half of season two.

That’s a ton of people to have to cover and at least four different story lines to bring to some sort of conclusion. Maybe they can do it, but they don’t have a lot of time, which leads me to believe some will be left hanging, or will be given such a short amount of time as to be rushed to a conclusion. I’m not optimistic about a good ending.

(SPOILERS ahead for those who don’t want any potential spoilage for the finale. Feel free to end your reading here as I’m just speculating here on.)

I took the tease literally to mean that two people are going to die and that Sylar will regain his powers. But! Kristin was there during the shoot for the finale and reveals that three heroes will die, but one will be resurrected. She names these characters as Final, Uncertain and Reversed. Final no one will care much about, Reversed also is no big deal, but Final will have fans rioting in the streets.

Speculation, as you can imagine, is running rampant. My guesses: Final is Hiro, Uncertain will be Adam and Reversed will be Peter.

Hiro’s death would bring a fan storm of epic proportions. I wouldn’t kill off one of the best heroes on the show, but I”m not in charge. I can see the writers wanting to show that no one is safe. Also, Hiro could die an actual hero, as he’s wanted to be from the beginning. I think he can be a true hero without the death thing, but the writers may see different. I hope I’m wrong.

As I stated earlier, I think Adam’s death will be the uncertain one. They kept Sylar on after season one, the writers could pull a similar stunt with Adam. I wouldn’t like it, but there it is.

If Kristin is right and one hero will be resurrected, then that means the person must be in close proximity of either Claire, Suresh (who has a vial of Claire’s and his blood) or, presumably, Adam. That doesn’t leave a whole of options. I’m thinking Hiro will have to kill Peter, but Adam will revive him. That would be interesting, but there are other options out there as well.

The writers haven’t been on top of their game this season, so this finale, re-written as it was because of the strike, could be a disaster waiting to happen. I’ll be tuning in to be proven wrong.

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