• On Dec. 2nd, Sci Fi will premier it’s new mini-series Tin Man. Unlike Razor, so far it hasn’t been leaked onto the torrent networks. However, Multichannel News has seen a screener and has a review entitled: SCI FI Channel’s ‘Tin Man': If It Only Had A Heart. The verdict: Great production values, terrible dialog and cliched situations. Who knew George Lucas was involved?
  • The casualties of the writers’ strike keep coming. First it looks like Bionic Woman will be canceled, and now Journeyman may suffer the same fate. And with the new TV series reaching the end of their produced episodes, it may be a long, cold winter of re-runs.
  • Lance Henriksen has appeared in many science fiction TV shows and films. Henriksen recently appeared at a con in the U.K. and gave a non-answer answer to the question ‘Will Frank Black appear in the new X-Files movie?” It seems to me he will. Bonus info: Did you know Henriksen is the voice of Brainiac in Superman: Brainiac Attacks? Me neither.
  • Who doesn’t like LEGOs? No one that’s who. Those of us who have Comcast as our cable providers will have the opportunity to watch the LEGO ON DEMAND channel, starting Dec. 3rd. There is also a companion website where viewers can rate the programming. Could be good, could be just an involved commercial. I think it’s at least worth a look.

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