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The Sleeper Awakens! (New Dune Movie A Go)

Director Peter Berg confirmed that a new Dune movie is ready to go, and that the writer’s strike is the only thing holding it back. Presumably that means there’s no screenplay yet.

The question then becomes, do we really need yet another version of Dune? I like both David Lynch’s overproduced and overacted silver screen version and the Sci Fi Channel’s much lower budget miniseries. Both have their strength and weaknesses and both show just how difficult it is to adapt Dune for a visual medium without compromising the source work in some way. you simply can’t film the internal monologues without looking silly (I’m looking at you Kyle MacLachlan) and doing without forces you to find other ways to dispense the information.

And let’s not forget the SFX that will be needed to make this look really good. While ok for the movie, I felt the SFX were much better in the miniseries, at least enough to not get in the way. I’d think with today’s technology, it ought to at least look really good. In fact, I’d go in expecting to be knocked out. That means big $$$ to do it right.

What do you think, is this a good idea or just another example of Hollywood being bereft of ideas?

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10 Comments on The Sleeper Awakens! (New Dune Movie A Go)

  1. I wouldn’t mind watching this story retold as long as it’s true to the book — that means, no more sonic guns!!

  2. As I’ve said before, “Nothing can be Dune but Dune.” (By that I mean the novel) As I’ve also said before, “I’ll watch it. I might not like it, but I’ll watch it.” They don’t have to make the effects spectacular for me. Just make me buy into the world and the people.

  3. Paul Harper // December 27, 2007 at 4:11 am //

    Well, it’s never been done properly, though I admit to preferring the miniseries to (any of the multifarious versions of) the film. Whether they *should* or not is an interesting question. Ever since I read the book in a single sitting between shifts a few decades ago, it has held a special place in my heart, and I suspect that however good, no attempt at transferring it to a visual medium will ever live up to that utterly immersive experience.

    But that shouldn’t stop someone trying, if they care enough about the source material.

  4. Yeah, I will watch it, and I might like it, but the book will always be paramount.

  5. I’d much rather see an adaption of a SciFi classic that hasn’t been done before like Pohl’s “Gateway” or Niven’s “Ringworld”. Or if this fellas hellbent on a remake why not pick a SciFi classic that could actually use a good update like Wyndham’s “Day of the Triffids”.

  6. This will only end up being a good idea if it somehow manages to get the Lord of the Rings treatment and ends up being amazing in the effects, the acting, and the adaptation of the story. If the goal from the start isn’t for it to be that, then I say ‘no’.

    I agree with your assessment on the other two versions, there are strengths and weaknesses to both. I much prefer the Lynch version, but that may be a case of it being the one I had seen first, and many times, prior to the miniseries.

    Since this has two adaptations already, can we not get a film made of one of the many amazing sci fi classics out there that haven’t been made into film?

  7. Dune?









  8. I’d be interested in revisiting Dune if there was a new treatment or perspective to be found… but is that even possible? The two previous tellings were night and day, and I’m not interested in twilight.

  9. Since there have been so few well done big screen sci-fi movies, even with recent advances in FX, I say this is a great idea. Dune is a complex adult story involving epic social and political themes, ecology and is also a good exploration of the Messiah myth. Since sci-fi has been largely dominated by adolescent fanasies this will be a welcome change indeed. If done right this should be visually stunning as well.

  10. The original film was pretty awesome already, it was just too short to portray the whole story. If it was just another hour or two longer it would have been just about perfect as far as far as I’m concerned. But no new movie they make will ever be as good as the old for the simple fact that they won’t have Toto doing the soundtrack.

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