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Tube Bits For 12/31/2007

  • Just before Christmas, Art Asylum released two pictures of their new retro Galactica minimates figures. These are cool beyond words, and they go nicely with the minimates for the new series they released earlier this year. I’m heading to Target as soon as these are released. They’ll look so good in my cube…[via ToysREvil]
  • So you say you missed out on the previous LOST ARG and had to miss all the fun of deciphering the clues. Well never fear! A new ARG for LOST is starting today! It appears the Oceanic Air is re-opening it’s doors to the flying public, and their new web site, Fly Oceanic Air, is set to open today. If this is your thing, give it a go. I prefer to wait and let others do the hard work while I reap the story benefits.
  • Matt Reves, director of Cloverfield has seen the Trek XI teaser trailer and thinks fans should be excited about it. Knowing how Hollywood can make any movie look good in a trailer, I’m still not excited.
  • MySanAntonio lists their Best TV of 2007 and Journeyman, Dr. Who and Torchwood make the grade.
  • SFFaudio points us to the new Blake’s 7 radio program on BBC 7. It’s apparently three, one-hour long broadcasts, and you can find them on the BBC site. Sadly, you can only listen to shows from the last week, meaning the first episode is unavailable.
  • For those of you who watch Medium, the new season starts on January 7th, and NBC has placed the last three episodes, of last season, online so you can catch up. And fans of the show give their predictions for the new season over on YouTube. I’ve never watched the show, but they must be doing something right to get 4 seasons.
  • The Website at the End of the Universe points us to the pilot for the shot-lived TV show Automan. Just check out that Tron looking uniform. In fact, the whole show looks like a Tron rip-off, with cheesier SFX.
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4 Comments on Tube Bits For 12/31/2007

  1. Who are you calling cheesy! I used to love that show!! :-@

  2. I think you can get the Blake’s 7 radio adventures on CD in the States via one of the official dealers listed at

    Medium was still a pretty good show when we stopped watching about a year and a half ago. What NBC did right was get Glenn Gordon Caron as showrunner.

  3. You mean I didn’t imagine Automan? I thought for sure that was a halucination. πŸ™‚

  4. Anonymous // January 1, 2008 at 10:41 am //

    Blasphemer!! “Automan” was the best TV show!! Where else can impressionable young children see the deviant behavior of ogling semi-naked babes (with considerable “assets”) displayed by “Cursor?” :-@

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