Win 6 Books from Kevin J. Anderson’s “The Saga of Seven Suns” Series

Wanna win a set of Kevin J. Anderson’s The Saga of Seven Suns series?

Orbit is running a contest with this juicy 6-book prize to celebrate the release of the latest in the series, Metal Swarm. (Read an excerpt from chapter one of Metal Swarm right here.)

To enter for a chance to win, just send an email to [orbit at hbgusa dot com] with the words “The Saga of Seven Suns” in the subject line. A winner will be randomly chosen from eligible entries on December 17th.

5 thoughts on “Win 6 Books from Kevin J. Anderson’s “The Saga of Seven Suns” Series”

  1. is it worth it? i do not know enough about “The Saga of Seven Suns”. The only books i read from Kevin J. Anderson were the dune jihad prequels which he wrote together with herbert. these were first entertaining (butlerian jihad), then boring (machine crusade) and at last become total crap (battle for corin).

  2. I’d say Saga of the Seven Suns is a competent space opera, but nothing spectacular. Anderson does a good job with the world building, but his writing style is more workmanlike than anything else, and the characters feel like cut-out. (See our here and here.

    But remember, books for the low, low price of free is always worth it.

  3. :) When will book seven be written and released?

    We enjoyed the first six with a format like that of “Heroes’ – told thru the eyes of the characters.

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