Way back when I was a young geek, science fiction took many forms, one of which was a precursor to audio books: I’m talking about the 45 RPM Read-Along comic books. I personally owned my very own copy of a Spiderman read-along comic called Mark of the Werewolf, much to the endless amusement of my much-cooler imaginary friends.

Now you can once again experience the unique joy of reading along with these Flash Gordon read-along MP3s. Well, almost experience….you don’t actually get to see the books, they’re just MP3s. But you do get to hear the awesome “turn page now” chime. Man, that sends chills down the place where my spine used to be.

[Note: the download links for these MP3s use the MegaUpload website which makes you (1) type in a captcha code, and (2) wait 45 seconds for the "free" download. Very Lame.]

[via Cool-Mo-Dee]

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