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TOC: Celebration edited by Ian Whates

The British Science Fiction Association is celbrating its 50th anniversary with the publication of Celebration, an anthology of original fiction edited by Ian Whates. Check out the spiffy cover art by by Vincent Chong! Meanwhile, here’s what’s in it:

  1. The BSFA by An Appreciation by Pat Cadigan
  2. “The Jubilee Plot” by Stephen Baxter
  3. “Wilson at Woking” by Ken MacLeod
  4. “The Killing Fields” by Kim Lakin-Smith
  5. “Having the Time of His Life” by Ian Watson
  6. “The Dog Hypnotist” by Tricia Sullivan
  7. “The Crack Angel” by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
  8. “Keep Smiling with Great Minutes” by M. John Harrison
  9. “Living with the Dead” by Molly Brown
  10. “Next to Godliness” by Brian Stableford
  11. “Mellowing Grey” by Dave Hutchinson
  12. “At Shadow Cope” by Liz Williams
  13. “Peculiar Bone, Unimaginable Key” by Brian Aldiss
  14. “Deciduous Trees” by Martin Sketchley
  15. “Soirée” by Alastair Reynolds
  16. “On the Sighting of Other Islands” by Ian R. MacLeod
  17. “Fireflies” by Christopher Priest
  18. “The Man of the Strong Arm” by Adam Roberts
  19. An Afterword by Ian Whates

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