Call me an impulsive, illogical, book-mongering biblioholic consumer – you won’t get any arguments from me. I’ve bought books for completely illogical reasons. Maybe I just liked the cover and thought it would look good on a shelf. Maybe it was the next book in series that I already own but haven’t started reading yet. Maybe it was a copy that was in better condition than the one I already own.

Another reason I’ve bought books is because of buzz. I’m not talking about publisher hype – that’s just blatant advertising. No, here I’m talking about lots of positive things emerging from the blogosphere about a particular title. A “Buzz Book”.

If several bloggers and reviewers mention a book in a positive light, it sticks with me, hibernating, ready to be instantly recalled while I’m walking down the book aisles.

Here are some Buzz Books I’ve picked up. What are yours?

  • Plague Year by Jeff Carlson – This was the book Lou Anders wished he had published but, for some reason I cannot recall and am too lazy to look up, passed up instead. A post-apocalyptic Buzz Book!
  • Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows my experiences with fantasy are hit-or-miss. So the logical part of my brain wonders why I would pick up a copy of Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora. It’s a buzz book, of course, which was apparently enough to overcome my indifference and bring it home.
  • Speaking of brains, just this week I picked up a copy of the zombie novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Who doesn’t like zombies? I’m hoping this fares better than the book Xombies which was so cliché I couldn’t finish it. Not only does the book have good buzz, but an early peek at its movie script is looking good, too.

Your turn. Have you ever bought a buzz book?

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