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Have you ever started reading a book series somewhere in the middle?


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Comments this week:

“30 some years ago, I started reading the Travis McGee mystery/detective novel series by John D. McDonald in mid-series. The books I was reading kept referring to an injury that had happened to Travis earlier. So… I went back and found the first book in the series: The Deep Blue Goodbye – and in that book they refer to the injury as happening earlier! Well…what the heck. I went to used book stores and found all the earlier novels, and read all of the Travis McGee novels.” – Morjana

“The last time I can remember doing it on purpose was because I received an ARC of one of Kristine Smith’s novels (Endgame) I had not read any of her novels previously but I didn’t want to read the entire Jani Kilian series as prelude to this one.” – Paul

“No, just like how I won’t start watching a TV series without seeing the pilot episode. I also won’t watch an episode if I’ve missed the first few minutes.” – Chris Johnston

“I have to go and start at the beginning as I’ve recently done with John Ringo’s Posleen books.” – platyjoe

“Most book series aren’t set up very well for someone to start in the middle. But one writer who gets around this problem is Mike Resnick. He’s written some trilogies in his time, but every book is written in such a way that it contains a comlete stand-alone story, and can be enjoyed independent of the other books in the series. (By the way, I assumed here that you weren’t including series like those that focus on one character, say a detective, but have little continuity outside of that…)” – Michael A. Burstein

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