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SF Tidbits for 3/20/08

  • Sarah Zettel returns to the world of science fiction with the tentatively-titled Bitter Angels. I read Zettel’s 1993 short story “Fools Errand” (the basis for the novel Fool’s War) and loved it, so I this is good news for sf. [via SFScope]
  • At SciFi Wire, John Joseph Adams profiles Ian McDonald, author of Brasyl.
  • Grasping for the Wind interviews Pamela Freeman, author of Blood Ties.
  • PodioMedia Chat podcast-interviews SFFAudio proprietor, Jesse Willis
  • Jason Stoddard doesn’t see a lot of “visionary” in sf past and present when he says Science Fiction Fails the Long View. Not sure I agree. Just because a prediction (which is what he’s talking about, really) fails to come true, doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks vision, just that it’s a bad prediction. Many writers are still thinking of cool ideas and inventions. So what if they don’t come to pass? It’s still fun to mind-chew.
  • The latest issue of The Internet Review of Science Fiction has been posted and includes an interview with Jo Walton by Lyda Morehouse, and essay by Steven Utley (Science Fiction or Not? Frankenstein as a case study in defining SF), Chicks Rule: The Rise of Female-Oriented Fantasy and Science Fiction by Cynthia Ward,
  • Recently free fiction at “The Stars, My Brothers” by Edmond Hamilton (1962)
  • Time Traveler Show podcast #24 features “Missing Link” by Frank Herbert.
  • For the writers:
  • Christopher Paul Carey tells us to swing on over to and pay the well-worth-it $5 to watch the hour-long documentary I, Tarzan, which features Philip José Farmer tearing up as he talks about his in-the-flesh interview with Tarzan.
  • Cover Pr0n:
  • Another you should be checking out the group Art Blog Gorilla Artfare…these sketches by Dead Mello.
  • Are you Droid enough to take the Atom Films Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge? Submit your parody, fan fiction or mash-up by May 27. Top fan movies will be selected by AtomFilms and Lucasfilm — with George Lucas as one of the judges. (Don’t be surprised if George thinks it should be faster and more intense.)
  • Speaking of Star Wars, ThinkGeek sells a Do-It-Yorself Lightsaber Kit, which essentially consists of a bunch of fitted tubes.
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