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Tube Bits for 3/21/08

  • SCI FI Wire sez: David Eick (BSG, Bionic Woman) is working on a pilot script for a proposed TV series based on Children of Men, P.D. James’ excellent SF novel, which also inspired the well-received (and totally awesome) Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 film of the same name. I’m keeping my eye on this one. I loved the book and loved the film. The setting is beautifully depressing.
  • She’ll be Bach…TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello says that The Sarah Connor Chronicles will most likely be returning, if the hiring of directors and staff is to be believed. [via SF universe]
  • In related news, Cinema Blend has Terminator 4 plot details, including the possibility of connecting all 3 previous films with The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series.
  • SyFy Portal has spoliers for Heroes for season 3.
  • Doctor Who series/season 4 start dates: April 5th in the U.K. and April 18th in the U.S. [via SFX]
  • I agree with Show Me SciFi: The much-hyped appearance of the BSG cast doing Letterman’s Top 10 was Superlame. Most of the lines were over-delivered. Exception: Number 5 was laugh-out-loud funny. Check it.
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  1. That Letterman clip is pretty weird. First, why did they have them all in costume? (Sort of?) And then when you introduce the “cast of BSG” why call them by their character names?

    Everybody looked a little disgusted about something. I would assume there was something else going on to piss them off, not just the material they were given.

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