All 2008 Hugo Short Fiction Nominees Available Online

The text of Daniel Abraham’s story “The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics” is now online.

This is the final short fiction nominee to be made available online. For a complete list of short fiction nominees, with links to the corresponding online versions, see our earlier post of 2008 Hugo Award Nominees.

[via John Klima, editor or Logorrhea, the anthology where the story first appeared.]

4 thoughts on “All 2008 Hugo Short Fiction Nominees Available Online”

  1. Attempt to download the story via Firefox asks me to upgrade my Flash player! If I refuse, as I did, the file – assuming there is one – is inaccessible.

    Have you actually downloaded it successfully? Aware of an ordinary URL that doesn’t go via fancy Flash?

  2. @Tinkoo: The page loads an Amazon-like browse feature to let you read online.

    I understand your frustration, though. More of this year’s stories than I’d prefer are available only in PDF format. I prefer text I can copy into eBook format and take with me, or better yet, delivered directly in various eBook formats.

  3. It works for me flash plugin 1.4 in Debian GNU/Linux… still, no download link. I couldn’t possibly read something presented like that.

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