Tonight, the U.S. SciFI Channel is premiering the Doctor Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures. Unlike the adult-targeted Torchwood spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures is aimed at kids.

The Sarah Jane character (played by Elisabeth Sladen) was last seen by U.S. audiences in the 2006 Doctor Who episode “School Reunion” which also featured the robotic dog, K-9. But longtime Who fans will know her as the Doctor’s sidekick between 1973 and 1976, alongside John Pertwee and Tom Baker.

From the SciFi Channel site:

The Sarah Jane Adventures features Sarah Jane Smith, a companion of the Third and [Fourth] incarnations of Doctor Who from the Doctor’s original series. Elisabeth Sladen reprises her role and is back in action, discovering alien plots to take over the world, or simply helping lost extraterrestrials get home.

Aided by her new young friend, Maria Jackson (Yasmin Paige), and her newly (and genetically engineered) adopted son Luke Smith (Tommy Knight), Sarah Jane has no problem taking on any challenge!

I have my DVR set. My daughter and I are avid Doctor Who viewers. I’m hoping this will be something else we can share. Besides the money in my wallet.

[via Phantom Reflections]

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