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Tube Bits for 04/21/2008

  • Farscape is the show that just won’t die. First Farscape is getting a series of webisodes to air on in the near future. In conjunction with that, Farscape will also receieve a new comic series. Each series will be a set of 4 comics and will ‘explore and expand the stories of Farscape‘. Good news for fans.
  • Sci Fi Japan continues their coverage of Speed Racer in anticipation of the new movie’s release on May 9th. This time they look at the beginnings of Speed, or Mach Go Go Go in Japan. Complete with sketches from the show.
  • Has The Sarah Connor Chronicles finally been renewed? We’ve heard rumors before, and while we still have no official word, the rumor from scoop-master extraordinaire Michael Ausiello is that it has been renewed. Good news if true, and Fox is loading up on the SF shows for next season. With that many shows, they can’t jack with all of them, can they?
  • reviews the Sci Fi Shows of the ’70’s. I had completely forgotten about Fantasy Island, much to my shame (de shame boss, de shame!).
  • John at Grasping for the Wind explains how LOST lost me. And if, as John has, you’ve only seen through season 2, I can certainly understand why. The last part of season 3 and, of course, the new season have put the shine back on.
  • Lisa Paitz Spindler lists 13 things I enjoy about Battlestar Galactica. Sadly, none of them is ‘The Cylons have a comprehensive and logical plan’.
  • TV Guide has posted a really nice interview with Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto about being Spock. It’s amazing how much Quinto looks like Spock when in full makeup.
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  1. The Cylons have a comprehensive and logical plan? Too bad not all of the models are in on it. Thanks for the link!

  2. That’s my point! They don’t have one, hence not making your list!

    I’m really taking a shot at the writers on that one.

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