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Which of these is your favorite Tim Burton film?


(124 total votes)

As several people noted in the comments, notably missing choices were The Nightmare Before Christmas and Ed Wood. About the former I would say that I only meant to include movies he directed, thus the “Tim Burton film” phrasing. On Nightmare, Burton worked as writer and producer, but Henry Selick gets the directing credit. About the latter I can only say that to include it would have meant to cut off Frankenweenie. And we all know how painful that can be.

Speaking of which…Poor Frankenweenie! Not one single vote? Of course, you realize that this means that steps must be taken!

After the jump are some of the many comments we received this week:

“Sleepy Hollow, without question. Great atmosphere,. a brilliant re-imagining of Ichabod Crane as a proto-scientific investigator. The usual Burton touches are all here, and a couple of great cameos, too on top of the main characters’ performances.” – Paul

“‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is not only my favorite Tim Burton film, I think it’s also my all-time favorite musical.” – Karen Burnham

“Big Fish. But why isn’t Ed Wood on the list either? That would’ve been my #2.” – Tycho

“Ed Wood – no doubt” – John

“‘That Johnny Depp, he make-a me cry.’ Seriously Corpse Bride should be the tops. It is an underappreciated film.” – Richard

“Where is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’? He didn’t direct it, but wrote it and it’s certainly considered one of his and a cult favorite.” – Scott

“Ed Wood” – F.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” – Jenn

“Big Fish is my favorite. Sweeney Todd is a close second.” – Douglass Abramson

“It was almost Edward Scissorhands, but I have to go with Big Fish, to be honest. It’s not perfect, but it has a special place in my heart none of these but Edward comes close to.” – Luke Shea

“I voted for Beetlejuice… but leaving ‘Sweeney Todd’ off the ballot? For shame! (Especially since ‘Planet of the Apes’ is there!)” – Gabriel Mckee

“Nightmare before Christmas?! Nightmare before Christmas!!!” – Karin

“I can’t believe Sweeney Todd isn’t on the list. It’s my favorite of the bunch” – Eric

“I loved his earlier movies. Had a tough time deciding between Batman and Pee-Wee. Sadly, Burton’s hit or miss these days, though mostly miss. I’m surprised to see Apes getting so many votes and I’m curious if those who voted have seen the original.” – A-Z

“The Nightmare Before Christmas was groundbreaking animation and animated story. I’m surprised it didn’t make your list.” – CV Rick

“Ed Wood is his most sustained movie. It fulfills it’s premise in the writing, acting, production and directing. His overall best film.” – Bob Blough

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