Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Pon Farr Edition) [NSFW]

Darth Mojo offers this NSFW Pon Farr edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

It’s interesting how the joke hits you, then becomes dangerously close to being overdone before recovering with the subtle nuances of the characters’ on-screen reactions. Watch Lt. Ilia lean forward with interest, Spock’s raised eyebrow, Bones leaving the bridge in apparent disgust…then reappearing with an awkward-looking Chekov…

Be sure to check out Darth Mojo for the “behind-the-scenes” look at the making of this. Hours of research indeed…

[Thanks, Trent!]

2 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Pon Farr Edition) [NSFW]”

  1. They should have used the sound track to “To Girls and a cup”

    Note: If you have never heard of Two Girls and a cup” i strongly recommend that you do not pursue any attempt in finding it. Seriously forget that you ever read this.

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