Allen Steele writes in to tell us about the new site dedicated to his Coyote series of books:

A year in the making, this new site is the creation of science fiction author Allen Steele and web site designer Gary Rose. Its subject is the Coyote series of novels — Coyote, Coyote Rising, Coyote Frontier and the forthcoming Coyote Horizon — and the novels set in its universe, Spindrift and the recently published Galaxy Blues. Among the many features of this site are:
  • A video introduction by Allen Steele
  • A podcast reading from Coyote by the author.
  • A free Coyote short story, “The War of Dogs and Boids”, previously available only on Amazon.
  • A gallery of artwork — some previously unpublished — by Ron Miller, John Harris, Rob Caswell, and Thomas J. Peters.
  • An extensive concordance of characters, locations, spacecraft, and events.
  • A set of interactive maps of Coyote.
  • A trivia quiz.
  • A readers forum.
  • Links to the American and British publishers and booksellers of the Coyote series.

I’ve read a few of the Coyote stories and they are consistently good. Looking at this new website makes me want to crack open the books that have been taunting me from the shelves…

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