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RIP: Algis Budrys

Sad news…

Steven H. Silver is reporting that sf author/editor Algis Budrys has passed away.

Budrys is perhaps best known for his works Who? (1958), Rogue Moon (1960), and Michaelmas (1977).

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5 Comments on RIP: Algis Budrys

  1. I’m saddened. Used to read his book reviews in F&SF a lot. Just read Who? recently. Very enjoyable read. I don’t think the story he was describing in the 1997 Locus interview ever got written. Too bad, it sounded interesting. Anyone know for sure?

  2. I re-read “Who?” this past year and it still holds up. What a great book.

  3. Note to self: Stop draggin’ @$$ and read more classics!

  4. Yes he will be missed. We covered him in a show and discovered not just Harlan Ellison but many authors took inspiration from him.

  5. Terry Garey // June 13, 2008 at 4:38 pm //

    AJ was one of the least snobby SF writers I ever met. He mentored, he was great on panels, and told wonderful stories, but did not suffer fools gladly. He even remembered my cat’s name. I liked him a lot.

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