RIP: Algis Budrys

Sad news…

Steven H. Silver is reporting that sf author/editor Algis Budrys has passed away.

Budrys is perhaps best known for his works Who? (1958), Rogue Moon (1960), and Michaelmas (1977).

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5 thoughts on “RIP: Algis Budrys”

  1. I’m saddened. Used to read his book reviews in F&SF a lot. Just read Who? recently. Very enjoyable read. I don’t think the story he was describing in the 1997 Locus interview ever got written. Too bad, it sounded interesting. Anyone know for sure?

  2. AJ was one of the least snobby SF writers I ever met. He mentored, he was great on panels, and told wonderful stories, but did not suffer fools gladly. He even remembered my cat’s name. I liked him a lot.

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