Saturday YouTube: Star Cops

Posting will probably be light this weekend since some of us are at ApolloCon. I’m learning some interesting things…like Allen Steele and Chris Roberson are SciFi TV trivia Gods. For example, I hadn’t heard of the BBC show Star Cops until Allen mentioned it. Here’s a clip from the very first episode:

4 thoughts on “Saturday YouTube: Star Cops”

  1. Great show; only run once on our local PBS station. Wish we could get Region 1 DVD’s!

    It had the bad luck of being scuttled in part due to a writer’s strike, IIRC. So the final episode of the season lays the groundwork for the next season…and we never get to a resolution!


  2. This was a terribly underrated show when it came out. People mocked it because of the name. However it was actually (by tv standards) pretty good serious science fiction.

    Of course since it was a BBC sci-fi show the budget sucked and the special effects were slim to none. Bit the concept and most of the episodes were written by Chris Boucher (Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who).

    I was bitterly disappointed when we didn’t get a second season though. In fact we didn’t even get the full complete first season, there was supposed to be one more episode.

    If you’re UK based (or have a region free DVD player) the whole series was released on DVD in Britain so you might be able to find the odd copy.

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