SF Tidbits for 6/26/08

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  1. Good summary on Jumper. In an extra on the Jumper DVD, Gould brings up the story of an author being asked if Hollywood ruined his novel and the author stating that it was not ruined because it’s still on his bookself. That’s not a good sign in an DVD extra.

    Jumper the movie had very little to do with the novel. It also ends in a way that leaves one checking to see if they accidently pressed the skip to end button on their remote.

  2. >>And the link to the Dawkins interview is…

    …now fixed. Thanks, Eagle-Eye! :)

    @Mark: From what I’ve read elsewhere, Gould seems to be in a good place mentally about the movie. An author getting their work adapted is relatively rare, so it’s considered a sign of success. I don’t think he is much concerned that the movie fared poorly with critics, and that’s probably the right way to think about it since his influence pretty much ends with him signing the check.

  3. I recall announcements about Minear working on a script for “Moon” some years ago. Reading the script…hate the annoy the Minear fans, but I’m glad this project appears to be dead (no news for a while and why else would you release the script “into the wild”?).

    Some things are better left in the Theater of the Mind.

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