Nick Cage’s latest SF-ish movies have been awful (Next, Ghost Rider), but he’s redeemed himself somewhat with the popcorn National Treasure flicks. His latest movie is Knowing, which has a National Treasure/SF-ish vibe. Could be good, unless his character just happens to be at all the disasters that happen in the future…

And now for a tale of two trailers for Mutant Chronicles. One American:

And one Russian:

This movie went from ‘unknown’ to ‘must see’ for me.

The Dark Knight debuts in two weeks, are you ready? Here’s one of the several billion TV spots:

Could this be better than the previous movie? Could it be better even than Iron Man? It sure looks good.

And finally, here’s a trailer for the Keanu Reeve’s vehicle, The Day the Earth Stood Still:

What’s that you say? That’s not a trailer, it’s a still from the movie! May I remind you, this is Keanu Reeves. The man who brings a new meaning to ‘wooden acting’. So I ask you, how can you tell?

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