Red Sonja is the new film from producer Robert Rodriguez, starring his is she/isn’t she girlfriend Rose McGowan as the titular hero (that’s either good or bad depending on your view of Rose. She’s no Brigitte Nielson). As with many things this week, Comic Con 2008 was a good time to debut two posters for the movie. Take a gander below:

redsonjaposter.jpg  red-sonja2.jpg

Well, wow, okay, red seems to be the operative word here. Let’s look at the first poster. Aside from the allure of ‘chicks in skimpy chain mail’, we have Sonja kneeling on top of a pile of skulls. Rather creepy I’d say. I’m not sure it generates much interest in the movie for me though.

The second post is just, disturbing. Licking blood off a sword? Thanks, but no. I’d rather not see that, even if it is in keeping with Red Sonja’s theme, and not being a Red Sonja fan, I don’t know one way or the other. Again, not piquing my interest in the movie.

Looking at both posters, I’d have to say the creators are aiming at the 15 – 25 year old male crowd, which these posters obviously cater to. Not that that’s a bad thing, necessarily, but not something that going to make me want to run out to the theater to see the movie. Which is the point of a poster, no?

And one more thing: Is McGowan physical enough to play a sword-wielding barbarian heroine?

What say you?

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