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Sunday Cinema: Quark

Waaaay back in 1977-78, Buck Henry, creator of Get Smart, created a science fiction comedy series called Quark. Richard Benjamin played Captain Quark (hmm, sounds like another captain I know), captain of a United Galaxies Sanitation Patrol Cruiser. It also starred the Doublemint Twins and a young Tom Thomerson.

I remember watching this on TV and, being 10, thinking it was not bad. I know better now. That laugh track is just painful to listen to. There’s some funny stuff in here, but just not enough to carry the show, which is why it was canned two months after it started it’s network run. We have the pilot episode for you below:

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  1. P-U! I liked this when I was a kid too, but I couldn’t watch more than five minutes now. Though I dig the twins now more than than I did then, that’s for sure.

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