Mmm, trailers. Time to view some!

Dreamworks Animation is working on an animated, 3D, scifi adventure movie called Monsters vs. Aliens, due out in March next year to be completely annihilated by Watchmen. No word on whether Lance Henricksen is in the cast.

Apparently the first Punisher movie did well enough to spawn a second. Or maybe they’re following the Hulk’s lead and rebooting the franchise already. In any, I’m not interested.

In an earlier Trailer Park, we brought you this cool Mutant Chronicles trailer, only in Russian. Now, thanks to the advanced technology only the internet can bring you, we present to you the same trailer, in English. I know, amazing. Apparently there is nothing too difficult for the tubes we hold so dear.

The Host is/was a smash hit Korean monster movie that I completely failed to see. The Host 2 is a prequel to the first movie, despite having the number ‘2’ in the title. Must be a Korean thing. Anyway, here is the teaser.

And lastly, everyone’s favorite teenage wizard played by a 20-something actor is back, and he’s missing half his blood! I didn’t know there were vampires in those books, although there’s a bit of everything in them so why not? They might have livened up the middle part of the last book…

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