The BookFinder has posted The Top 10 Most Sought-After Out-of-Print Books. Check out these titles from the sf/f list:

  1. Rage by Stephen King (as Richard Bachman)
  2. Halloween by Curtis Richards
  3. Turnabout by Andy Mangels
  4. Second Sight by David Williams
  5. Masques by Patricia Briggs
  6. Dark Carnival by Ray Bradbury
  7. She Is the Darkness by Glen Cook
  8. Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini
  9. Nightworld by F. Paul Wilson
  10. The Return by E.C. Tubb

These are the most sought after? Strange…many of these I’ve never even heard of.

Halloween is a novelization of the movie and features “elaborates on aspects not featured in the film”. Does that make it sought after? She Is the Darkness is the 2nd 7th novel of Cook’s Black Company series. Wouldn’t the first six books be more valuable? Turnabout is a Roswell media tie-in. Am I missing something? Clueless, I am…

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