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The Top 10 Most Sought-After Out-of-Print SF/F Books (Oh Really?)

The BookFinder has posted The Top 10 Most Sought-After Out-of-Print Books. Check out these titles from the sf/f list:

  1. Rage by Stephen King (as Richard Bachman)
  2. Halloween by Curtis Richards
  3. Turnabout by Andy Mangels
  4. Second Sight by David Williams
  5. Masques by Patricia Briggs
  6. Dark Carnival by Ray Bradbury
  7. She Is the Darkness by Glen Cook
  8. Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini
  9. Nightworld by F. Paul Wilson
  10. The Return by E.C. Tubb

These are the most sought after? Strange…many of these I’ve never even heard of.

Halloween is a novelization of the movie and features “elaborates on aspects not featured in the film”. Does that make it sought after? She Is the Darkness is the 2nd 7th novel of Cook’s Black Company series. Wouldn’t the first six books be more valuable? Turnabout is a Roswell media tie-in. Am I missing something? Clueless, I am…

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14 Comments on The Top 10 Most Sought-After Out-of-Print SF/F Books (Oh Really?)

  1. Oh, that’s interesting. I always thought Varley’s “Blue Champagne” and assorted Tiptree collections were some of the most sought-after OOPs, gloating over them in the semi-darkness of my library. Difficult to justify that behaviour now I know I’m wrong. 😉

  2. DeadParrot // August 27, 2008 at 1:41 am //

    It’s a matter of supply and demand.  Take “She is the Darkness” for example.   Although it is the 2nd novel in the series, if the print run was much smaller than the first (because the sales of the first disappointed, for example),  the second would have less copies circulating, hence would be more sought after.  I happen to own 2 of the titles (7 & 8), and bought #7 new, and #8 when it was uncommon (but not yet rare).

  3. EC Tubb’s The Return is the 32nd and final book in the Dumarest Saga. Originally published by DAW, the series was never finished… until a French publisher asked Tubb to write one last book for a French-language re-issue of the series. An English-language version was then published by a small press, Gryphon Press. I’ve seen copies go for $200 on eBay… even though Gryphon Press still have copies in stock for $20 (or did when I bought mine about 3 years ago).

  4. I want that Roswell one myself. It ties up the tv series that got cancelled before it had a decent ending. In fact Turnabout is also a conclusion to a cliffhanger from the previous book, which is still available and for a decent price. They made a limited number of Turnabout to screw over the fans, I guess. I’m certainly not going to pay over $200 for it.

  5. John,

    Jonathan McCalmont also points this out on his site, but She is the Darkness is actually book 7 of The Black Company series (followed by Water Sleeps and Soldiers Live).  It’s the Second book of the Glittering Stone quartet to close the series.  Book 2 is Shadows Linger

    I haven’t heard of most of them, either.  Rage, which isn’t very good and is notable just to complete a Stephen King set, is famously out of print at the author’s request.  It should be available at most libraries, at the very least through an interlibrary loan.

  6. I suspect the Black Company book by Cook will be available shortly, if not already, as Tor is reprinting the series in a number of omnibus editions.


    My one “are you kidding” encounter was Stephen Baxter’s Timelike Infinity. Part of his Xeelee Sequence, it was out of print when I started reading the series. I searched and found a copy…for $100.00. For a paperback. I made a rude noise and kept on searching and eventually found a much more reasonably priced copy.


    As good a reason as any for decently priced, open format eBooks: It’s easier to keep a book “in print” for those of us who want to read it!

  7. Thanks, Joe…corrected above.

  8. Survivor by Octavia Butler. It was never reprinted because she was embarrassed by it. Survivor now sells for $200 or more.

  9. I was just going to post about Survivor.  I just found out about that one a few months ago.  I got my paperback copy at a used bookstore about 8 years ago in their free section.  Ex-library though, with all that means.

  10. The Black Company series is one of my favorites. Go Croaker!

  11. Moonbase_Alphan // August 27, 2008 at 8:09 pm //

    With all those other media tie-in books on that list, I’m surprised that the Babylon 5 book Legions of Fire by Peter David is skipped. For some reason the third book in his trilogy is much tougher to find than any of the other B5 books and typically sells for $50. Whereas all the others can be had for just a few dollars.

  12. I didn’t know the Peter David B5 book was worth anything. How interesting. I’ve got a copy of that, bought when it first came out.

    It’s always heartening to know that you have some books going up instead of down in value. Even if you never ever intend to sell them. 🙂

  13. Survivor really wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about.  It’s not Butler’s best work and it certainly was out of place in the Patternist series, but not really deserving of being disowned. 

  14. My son would LOVE a copy of She is the Darkness, and I have searched everywhere.  I am finding $ to be the lowest price.  Can anyone direct me to a less expensive site?

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