Chakotay vs. Pipe

Chakotay pulls a Green Lantern…

[via Poe TV]

5 thoughts on “Chakotay vs. Pipe”

  1. Ohhhh. I just wasn’t hip enough. It STILL looks Star Wars-y, durnit!

    And I like Green Lantern. The Sinistro Corps war storyline was fantastic.  Oh dear. Are we going to have to take this outside, and exchange fisticuffs??

  2. Well, to be honest, I used to read the Green Lantern comic when I was a young ‘un, so I guess I’m really a fan, too.  Not that I remember all the story lines or characters.  Sinestro was the big-headed guy, right? 


    At least the comic book Hal Jordan was way better than the cartoon Justice League version — as evidenced by that YouTube clip.  Though, even within the JLA, GL wasn’t the worst.  That title (ignoring the Wonder Twins for the moment) would have to go to Aquaman.  (Another removed YouTube clip in which Aquaman, in an attempt to save the day, causes a massive tidal wave that threatens an island.)

  3. Well now, I can’t argue with you about Aquaman unfortunately. I read a lotta Aquaman comics in the 80’s and 90’s, and I always enjoyed them quite a lot. But then, I didn’t discern much, I enjoyed everything. :)

    Aquaman, like 99% of DC’s major characters, is a crappy character just waiting for a good writer who understands to do something with him. (Superman could use one of those. And Batman. And the Flash. And…)

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