Classic Trailer: Forbidden Planet

5 thoughts on “Classic Trailer: Forbidden Planet”

  1. Best. Science. Fiction. Movie. Ever.


    And probably the closest (next to the original Alien and a couple of early Star Trek episodes) to seeing an A.E. van Vogt tale on the screen that we’ll ever get.

  2. Well, maybe not the best science fiction movie ever made (let’s not forget Ice Pirates), but certainly up there. Is it just me, or does everyone think the Rod-ster used this as the blueprint for Star Trek TOS? And by blueprint, I mean ripped off. Sure, the interplanetary patrol idea didn’t originate with FP — or in filmed media at all — but certainly the crew dynamic presented in TOS seems alwful close to what we see here. Too close for co-incidinky.

  3. I recall at least one interview (which of course, they may have later denied) where he talked about the influences of ST:TOS and Forbidden Planet was mentioned.

    And…if you’re going to bring up “Ice Pirates”, I think that “The Adventures of Stella Star” outclasses that effort by a long shot.

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