Google Book Preview Crashes Internet Explorer

For those users who have been using Internet Explorer to read SF Signal, it seems that the Google book Preview widget we posted yesterday causes IE to crash.

That post has been updated. Apologies for the inconvenience.

And a pox on Google! A pox, I say!

Thanks to loyal Reader/Spell-checker/Trivia-Master/Fanboy Fred K. for alerting us

6 thoughts on “Google Book Preview Crashes Internet Explorer”

  1. More like a pox on IE. I refuse to use it ever since I discovered that my spyware decreased to almost nothing since switching to Firefox! One session on IE and I have to run spybot immediately.

  2. Mulluane: I agree.  A pox on IE!


    JJA: Good point!  A pox on Google again!  (Fortunately, there’s more than enough pox to go around.)

  3. A further pox on IE!

    However, I add a further pox on Google because Chrome doesn’t play nice with our PHPbb 2 forums posts.  Upgrading isn’t as simple a matter as you might think because of customization that allows us to do what we do.

    I must conclude that Firefox continues to rawk.

  4. The same thing seems to have happened with firefox, though. It crashed whenever I tried to open SF Signal. Glad it seems to be working again…

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