Jeffrey A. Carver is giving away free PDF copies of his latest novel, Sunborn.

Don’t like PDF copies? Carver offers the following solution to obtain other eBook formats:

Buy a hardcover from me or any store–send me an email with proof of purchase (email purchase confirmation or jpg of a receipt)–and I’ll send you a DRM-free ebook in tagged PDF, Mobipocket, eReader, or other format. (Some may not be available immediately.)

Please recognize that considerable effort is involved in creating these ebooks, and do not post them on other web sites. If you don’t want to buy a hardcover copy, ebooks will be available for purchase from Tor in the reasonably near future. I don’t know exactly when.

Sunborn is the fourth book in The Chaos Chronicles. For those who haven’t read the first three, the author offers free versions of them in multiple formats. The first three book (with links to the HTML versions) are: