It is our distinct pleasure to welcome Jeff Patterson to our ranks!

As is tradition here – starting with Jeff, that is – I asked Jeff to describe himself in the third person, a skill every blogger (and not coincidentally, every stalker) should have. Here’s what Jeff has to say about “Jeff”:

By some fortuitous circumstance Jeff Patterson was born on September 1, 1962, the day the White House announced that the world population had exceeded three billion people, so he figures that was him. In ancient days he had stories published in obscure, short-lived, low-paying and generally unread periodicals. These days he runs Bad Day Studio, known mainly for its annual Holiday Cards. These were collected in a book called Solstice Chronicles. He hopes to get his blog Gravity Lens back up to speed soon.

Nice way to plug your site, Jeff! It’s all about you, isn’t it? :)

Welcome aboard, Jeff!

Now get to work. Oh, and New Guy buys everyone else bagels…

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