The Day The Earth Stopped

This gets my vote for Lamest Trailer Ever…even without the obvious title ripoff. Maybe they should have called it The Day The Box Office Stood Still. Hi-yo!

And is it me, or does Judd Nelson look like Kevin Smith?

[via Poe TV]

4 thoughts on “The Day The Earth Stopped”

  1. Misleading poorly done trailer their is better information about it elsewhere. Its sad they didnt show more of the spoof that it sis where did the get whomever made the trailer? Its sad when you see grade school kids that do better movies then the trailer displayed. This is suposed to be a spoof of the day the earth stood still coinciding with the remake coming in december. I watched the trailer hoping for better. HEY PRODUCERS GET BETTER!!

  2. The Assylum strikes yet again. You know they’re actually getting sued by FOX for making this movie (if it took that long, what does that say about FOX?) But as a fan of things that don’t suck, I think that this will be on par with the bullcrap remake of TDTESS, if not slightly less disappointing. Snooch to the Nooch.

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