For those of us ‘of a certain age’, we remember when MTV actually stood for Music Television. Back in the day, MTV really did show nothing but music videos, all day, everyday, and twice on Sunday. Nowadays you have to look really hard to find any kind of actual music video on MTV. With the rise of the Internets (a great band name BTW), you can find all that online, when you want it and not have to wait for the programming whims of the MTV staff.

Well now, what Hulu has done for new and old TV shows, MTV is doing for new and old music videos. They’ve opened their MTV Music site and although it is still very new, they have an impressive array of videos and artists to choose from. For instance, the very first video ever shown on MTV:

Ironic no? Video killed the radio star, and now the ‘nets have killed music video, on TV anyway.

Now this may seem like a thinly veiled attempt at a post to link to several old music videos. Like this one from Whitesnake (and if you aren’t familiar with ’80s hair bands, you haven’t lived. Although this is the pop-ified version):

Not much by today’s standards, but again, if you’re a male ‘of a certain age’, you wanted to be the damn Jag. So yes, a thinly veiled post. So, to pull this thing around to some semblance of something SF related, I present to you the finest SF-themed song every created:

Sorry John, your hate only makes you more wrong.

So have fun exploring this site, it’s quite cool. And a word of warning, you may find yourself sucked in and not coming back to the present day for a few hours…

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