The new Harry Potter trailer was just recently released, and it clocks in at almost 2 minutes.

Not bad, but at this point, having read all the books, I’m just not as interested in the movies. My kids seems to have lost some interest in them as well. And is it just me or are the actors becoming too old to look like teenagers? Better hurry with the last films before arthritis strikes the cast…

Next up is the new Christmas trailer for The Spirit.

The best part for me? The music (I think it’s the Trans-Siberian Orchestra). I just don’t see The Spirit working in the Sin City style. Admittedly, I’ve never read the original comic so maybe, but to me, a 1940’s superhero doesn’t have ‘edgy’ and ‘cinematic’ written all over it.

We have a ‘The Rock’ sighting! Dwayne Johnson is starring in Race to Witch Mountain. What emotion! What acting! Seriously, what acting?

I remember watching Escape to Witch Mountain as a kid, and while Race has much higher production values, can it be ‘better’ than the original? I have no interest in seeing this one at all.

The Mayan long count calendar turns over in 2012, which has lead many to prophesize the end of the world. Smelling an opportunity to turn apocalyptic fear into money, Roland Emmerich (ID4) put together the ‘feel good’ disaster epic of 2009, 2012. Watch the teaser, if you dare.

A giant wall of water swamping mountains in what appears to be the Himalayas? Really? And just how would that work? I think Waterworld might have some competition for silliest premise ever. The question in the trailer is a good one, and they have a good cast. But you need a good story as well. I’m sure 2012 will be high on action and disaster, but I’m not expecting much in the plot department. Summer popcorn flick or box office disaster?

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