It’s been on HBO’s radar for awhile now and now it’s official: HBO has ordered a pilot episode to be produced based on George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series.

With the explosion of genre related shows recently, mostly SF of SF tinged, you’d think this would have been fast tracked, especially by HBO, which is known for producing quality, groundbreaking series that other networks wouldn’t touch. Now we can potentially add Martin’s world to the list. It still remains to be seen whether HBO will pick up the show. This is an order for a pilot after all. We can hope HBO goes for it, for the reasons outlined in the linked article.

But to me, the coolest, and best idea, for the series is to have each season cover one of the books. This is awesome and is the way it should be done. This way, the writers can concentrate on delivering the story without having to sacrifice vast swaths of each novel. Of course, if the series is to ever reach a final conclusion, Martin will have to write a lot faster to finish the thing off. Which would be good news for his legions of fans!

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