The Giant Gila Monster

When I was younger, Channels 9 and 11 in New York used to show monster movies on Thanksgiving weekend. In that spirit, we offer you The Giant Gila Monster in which “a teenage hot rodder and his buddies meet a large lizard that devours trees.”

7 thoughts on “The Giant Gila Monster”

  1. Ah, fond memories of the Thanksiving movie fests (especially King Kong and the sequel and Mighty Joe Young, Babes in Toyland and of course the annual viewing of Wizard of Oz)!


    I also have fond memories of Chiller Theatre (Saturday nights) and ABC 7’s 4:30 Movie with their SF week, monster week and the like.

  2. Yeah, I still miss the Godzilla films on the old WOR , the day after Thanksgiving.  For a while, Crazy Eddie sponsored the movies and one year, the announcer did a commercial in mime, wearing a Godzilla mask and claws.

  3. I recall that the commercial in question was aired during a WOR Thanksgiving airing of “Godzilla”, and not “The Giant Gila Monster”.  One would hope that the thing turns up on the Internet…

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