The debate on whether eBooks will kill book sales continues.

First, at Publishing Frontier Joseph J. Esposito says in How the Kindle and Its Kin Will Reduce Book Sales:

One of the unintended consequences of the Kindle and its brethren (desirable for readers, more woe for publishers) is that it will reduce the number of books that are actually sold. This will happen not because of piracy…but because the architecture and business model for the Kindle support a ‘buy only when you need it’ frame of mind, aka ‘just in time’ inventory management.

As a rebuttal, Jane at Dear Author replies (Why eBook Readers Won’t Reduce Sales):

It seems to me, though, that impulse buying is more likely to be curbed by dour economic times than the ‘just in time’ stock method of digital books. Further, the publishing market analysis that Esposito engages in is only half the story.

I don’t know enough about the book business to make an informed call, but my gut says that eBooks will not negatively affect book sales because (piracy aside) what they offer is an additional (and wider) distribution channel and that’s a good thing.

What do you think?

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