Yet Another Trek Trailer – Now With Added Nimoy!

I’m not sure this warrants another post, but I couldn’t resist the headline. Although, now that I watch it again, some comments folks made make me wonder: what the heck does Kirk think he’s doing wrecking a classic car like that? Reckless jackass. Who in their right mind would give him a starship?

10 thoughts on “Yet Another Trek Trailer – Now With Added Nimoy!”

  1. Can anyone tell me why kid kirk slides toward the edge of the cliff after hitting the ground?



  2. he keeps traveling towards the edge of the cliff because that’s the direction of his momentum. The only way he wouldn’t is if he was able to jump away from the car as fast or faster than the car is traveling. And I don’t think even adult Kirk can do that.

  3. “Who in their right mind would give him a starship?”

    The same jackasses that would build a starship in the middle of a cornfield. I keep expecting Kevin Costner to step out onto the road muttering “If you build it, he will come.”


  4. Kirk’s “Why don’t you make me” line just before he gets crowned by Spocky sounds like it came straight from the junior school playground.  Maybe we’ll also get “I know you are, but what am I” and other playground favourites…

  5. KIRK: Hey Spock, your shoelace is untied.

    SPOCK: [bends to tie his shoelace]

    KIRK:  Made you look!  [Laughter]

    SCOTTY, MCCOY: [Laughter]

    SPOCK: That was not logical

    KIRK [in robot voice]: “That was not logical… That was not logical…”

    SPOCK: [Punches KIRK]  Who’s laughing now, round ears?

    KIRK: [Rips own shirt to bare his chest to the ladies]  I’ll have you stripes, Mister!

    SPOCK: Bite me.

    KIRK: Commander Pike, Commander Pike!  Spock hit me!  Waaahhhh!

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