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3 New Books in Baen’s Free Library

There are 3 new books in Baen’s Free Library:

Earthweb by Marc Stiegler:

Someone Out There really hated humans. Twenty years ago Shiva I swept aside Earth’s defenses and rained down destruction until a suicide squad boarded it and blew it to smithereens. Now Shiva V has entered the Solar System. Vastly more powerful than any of its predecessors, it has destroyed all fleets sent against it. There is only one way to defeat a Shiva: get inside and kill it. Once again, in the personae of five champions, four billion of us are about to do just that, linked and coordinated by — The Earthweb!

Starliner by David Drake:

Carrying six thousand lives in its hull, the Empress of Earth is the finest liner in the galaxy, a link in the starflung chain of 23rd century civilization — and an unarmed pawn in an interstellar war.

The Shadow of Saganami by David Weber:

The Star Kingdom has a new generation of officers! And this elite group hand-picked and trained by Honor Harrington herself is going to be needed immediately, as their first assignment turns out to be more dangerous than anyone expected. What was supposed to be a quiet outpost, far from the blazing conflict between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the People’s Republic of Haven has actually been targeted by an unholy alliance between the slaveholders of Manpower, the rival star kingdoms of Mesa and Monica, and the bureaucrats of the Solarian League. The alliance stands to benefit if the Havenites defeat Manticore, and are preparing for a surprise attack from the rear to divide Manticore’s forces, which are already strained nearly to their limits. With their captain, the young Manticoran officers will risk their careers, if not their lives, on an unauthorized mission to expose and counter the threat to their Star Kingdom. Follow their journey as they show what they’re made of. New York Times best-selling author David Weber begins a new series that will be a must-buy for the hundreds of thousands of Honor Harrington fans.

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  1. Huzzah!  I’d given up on them about a month ago.  Good scoop John!

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