Book Trailer Theater (Morrow and Goodman)

I think the jury is still out on the effectiveness of book trailers. In the meantime, I keep seeing more and more being produced.

Here are the latest two…

First up is Shambling Towards Hiroshima by James Morrow:

[via Enter the Octopus]

Next up: Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman:

[via Alison Goodman’s MySpace page.]

One thought on “Book Trailer Theater (Morrow and Goodman)”

  1. OK, I’ve got “Shambling Towards Hiroshima,” and I’m fundamentally excited by a new Jim Morrow novel. No matter what, I’ll be reading and reviewing it. However, that trailer would make me *less* interested in reading it, I think. It’s a big ol’ WTF?, with a bunch of discordant elements. Wierd.

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