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Free Steampunk Story: ‘The Shattered Teacup’ by George Mann

The good folks over at Snowbooks have posted a free short story from George Mann called “The Shattered Teacup”. It’s subtitled “A Maurice Newbury Investigation” which means it’s set in the Steampunk/Doctor/Who world of his awesome novel The Affinity Bridge.

Snowbooks has made the story available in both PDF and audio formats for your choice of reading and/or listening enjoyment. So, go forth and download and get a taste of why I’m going to name The Affinity Bridge as one of my best reads of 2008.

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3 Comments on Free Steampunk Story: ‘The Shattered Teacup’ by George Mann

  1. John, I’d love to jump into this, but do you think I should read The Affinity Bridge first? At any rate, heading over to snag a copy. Thanks for the link!

  2. This is a self-contained story, so no need to read The Affinity Bridge first (though I highly recommend reading it at some point). For this story, just know that Victoria Hobbes, Newbury’s female “Who-girl/Dr. Watson” sidekick, is absent in this one.

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