• GalleyCat interviews Tachyon Publications’ Jacob Weisman. An interesting excerpt: “And then there’s an anthology, edited by James Patrick Kelly, and John Kessel, [initiated] from a Jonathan Lethem essay called “The Squandered Promise of Science Fiction,” which basically postulates that the genre could’ve gained mainstream respectability if Thomas Pynchon had won the Hugo for Gravity’s Rainbow 35 years ago. Weisman explained that Kelly and Kessel will be compiling science fiction stories by “literary” authors, along with stories of a literary bent by authors generally regarded as strictly genre, from that 1973 date up to 2008, when Michael Chabon was embraced by sci-fan fans and writers.” [via Locus Online]
  • Locus Online has a Vernor Vinge interview excerpt from Locus magazine.
  • Free Fiction [courtesy of QuasarDragon]
  • At the NYT: Bargain Hunting for Books, and Feeling Sheepish About It: “Book publishers and booksellers are faltering. But don’t blame the recession — it’s all the fault of the Internet used books market.”
  • Rich Horton continues his summaries of 2008 short fiction venues with his reviews of Subterranean, Clarkesworld, Cosmos, and Postscripts
  • Fantasy Book Critic continues their autor 2008 review/2009 preview with Jeff Somers (The Eternal Prison).
  • SpoutBlog lists 8 Free Classic SciFi Movies To Ring Out The Old Year.

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