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Tube Bits for 12/30/2008


  • In case you didn’t know, there is a Star Trek MMO currently in development by Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes). They recently released an info sheet covering the first starship for the game, the NX-91001. I must

    say it looks really sweet. In fact, their starship wallpaper I liked so much it’s now in my background rotation. If the game approaches the coolness of this ship, it could be really good.

  • The New York Times has a nice article detailing how several shows are using ‘webisodes’ to bridge the time gap between fall and winter episodes. Included are Galactica and Heroes and it looks like NBC is using the web full-on in support of its shows. Too bad that isn’t translating into ratings success.
  • NewTek once upon a time brought video FX to the masses with the Amiga-based Video Toaster. Now they are at it again, this time putting a full fledged TV studio into a $4000 box, perfect for amateur producers to make their own home made TV networks. The Tricaster sounds incredibly awesome and I can see how it could open up a whole new realm of vidcasts or even internet only TV stations made by the ‘people’. Of course, most would look like cable access TV, but hey, you can’t buy talent for $4k…
  • Way back in the mists of antiquity, a little show called Babylon 5 defied all odds and actually made it through its five year storyline. After each season, John Hudgens was commissioned to create a music videos covering the just completed episodes. Until now, the only way to see any of them was to attend various B5 cons. Until now. The Joe Store on CafePress has posted all eight videos along with two video tributes to Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs. Andreas’ video is particularly moving, especially if you are familiar with his character, G’Kar. [H/T Sci-Fi Storm]
  • LOST-mas (Jan. 21st) is slowly approaching, but that gives ABC plenty of time to inundate us with new teaser trailers for season 5. Like this one!
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  1. Re: ST Online – I’m concerned that Atari will push them to be more console oriented and to take fewer risks.  On the other hand, Atari can help them keep funding going – clearly a major concern.

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