Last April we noted that Dan Simmons’ awesome Hyperion Cantos had been optioned by Warner Bros. to be brought to the big screen. Things must be moving behind the scenes as Warner Bros. has tapped Scott Derrickson to direct. Derrickson’s last film was the forgettable The Day The Earth Stood Still. Having not seen that movie, I can’t comment on whether Derrickson is a good director or not. But damn, this will be a hard one to direct.

The writer will be Trevor Sands, who will be adapting both Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion all into one movie. Good luck with that. The sheer breadth and scope of the books cannot possibly be handled by any movie that is roughly 2, or even 2 1/2 hours long. It’s just not going to happen. Inevitably, something will have to go. I’m guessing characters will be dropped or condensed and all the stories from the first book will be either axed or only referenced in passing. Then, the conflict with the Ousters will be blow up (heh) into a summer, science fiction SFX extravaganza! You could say I’m skeptical. I see Sands has written a movie I’ve never seen, but more interesting is that he has worked on the adaptations for Six Million Dollar Man and Startide Rising (which is another of my top 10 SF books, something I’d love to see on the big screen and probably not possible to do the book justice). Sands looks to have some SF pedigree, but the lack of his screenplays actually being made into movies isn’t reassuring.

I’ll stay skeptical, but I will continue to watch this. For something fun, let’s resurrect the casting game from the original post! Who do you think should play:

The Consul

Brawne Lamia

Sol Weintraub and his daughter Rachel

Marting Silenus

Colonel Kassad

Father Hoyt

The Shrike (I’m guessing CGI Andy Serkis again. He certainly has a face for CGI! J/K Andy!)

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